Soccer Goalkeeper Training Exercises

I was browsing around the net recently and found a great video that will help you to improve your body in order to make you a better goalkeeper. It’s aimed specifically at making your soccer goalkeeper training regime better, by increasing your lower body strength so that you can have the kind of explosive power that keepers at the highest level can call upon.

In particular, pay attention to the exercises that actually require some thought on your part to do them. For example, all of us have walked up steps, so step-based exercises are relatively easy to see and then do straight away…

However, you may find that some of the exercises require you to do them slowly first and actually think them through. For me, the 180 Box Jumps caught me out (or should I say, tripped me up!).

If you have to think about them and maybe take them a little slower to begin with, it simply means that they’re not yet automatic for your body. As a result, they need plenty of regular work to make them automatic. This is great as it means you can see where there are weaknesses in your conditioning and work on improving them to become a ninja goalkeeper!

The Key to Soccer Goalkeeper Training

Ultimately, you need to get these exercises to the point that you can do them without thinking, just like any other training drill you do. That way, when the pressure is on you in a game situation, you’ll be confident in your ability to react without thinking to make the save. As always, putting the work into your soccer goalkeeper training program will pay off massively and these exercises will definitely help.

Check them out here:

The video itself was created by the folks over at Fitness Goal Personal Training, based in Melbourne, Australia. Incidentally, that’s why they call it ‘soccer’ instead of ‘football’ as the Aussies, like the Americans, have their own version of football already. :)

Personally, I would have liked to have seen more of a tutorial-style video, without the music, where the trainer actually talked us through the exercises and why they’re so good for us goalies.

Also, it would be good to find out if there are any ‘insider tips’ that we can use during soccer goalkeeper training sessions to help us improve the effectiveness of the exercises, but that’s just my preference for this kind of training video.

As always, let me know your thoughts on the video or anything I’ve said below by leaving a comment.

Goalkeeper Training Drills – England’s Under 21’s

I was just browsing through YouTube and found a great bit of video footage from the England camp, filmed before the Under 21’s match against Israel in September 2011 and showing some great goalkeeper training drills.

The video features goalkeepers Ben Amos (Man Utd), Jack Butland (Birmingham) and Declan Rudd (Norwich) running various training exercises. Check it out, then have a look at my thoughts on it below the video:

I think this shows some very strong drills that allow the goalkeepers to improve specific aspects of their game. I’ll talk about those in a moment, but first, let me mention something that is perhaps more important than the drills themselves.


By repeating these training exercises over and over, it allows the mind and body to get used to the movement. Eventually, that movement becomes automatic because the instincts of the goalkeeper get sharper with every repetition. Not only does the movement become normal, but it actually becomes a matter of instinct. When the goalie sees the ball coming towards him at a certain angle and speed, he will instinctively be able to react to save it, thanks to the repetition.

It’s this kind of repetition that means that a goalkeeper becomes consistent. When they’re consistent, they’re reliable. And when they’re reliable, they get picked to play more often. Think about it.

In terms of the actual goalkeeper training drills that the players are doing, the one that sticks out for me is the one where the coaches are firing the balls in through gaps around defending players (in this case, represented by those metal figures).

This is a great element to practice as it’s often the one that catches goalkeepers out.

Imagine that you’re a goalie in an important match, and the ball rolls to just outside the box. The striker sees a gap in the players and BAM! He smashes it through the opening towards the back of the net. You only see the ball at the last moment… How will you react?

If you’ve practiced this situation with the right training drills, you can be there, ready for it. So get practicing!

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